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Creator Green Belt Training

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Course Introduction

This introductory level training course teaches the basics of how to use Conformiq Creator for model-based testing of applications with graphical or message based user interfaces. It has been designed to enable and assure that users can work with Conformiq Creator in live, industrial testing projects. In addition to learning about modeling, students will learn how to generate tests, review generated tests, regenerate new tests after model changes, and export generated tests as test plans or scripts for automatic execution. Students passing this course earn the certificate of a Conformiq Creator Green Belt, i.e., Conformiq Creator Modeler. Learn more about Creator at

To enroll in this course simply send an email listing the emails of all the users interested in this training and/or certification to The subject should read “Enrollment in Creator Green Belt Training".

This fully automated online course enables students to take and continue taking this course at the time and speed that suits them best. The length of time needed to complete this course clearly depends on the speed and focus by each student. We estimate that it will take on the order of 12 hours of continuous study to complete. Each subsection is self-contained and splits into separate theory (video), demonstration (video), tutorial, and questions modules. To pass this course (and receive the certificate) students must accumulate a total score of at least 60% by correctly answering questions in all the subsections. Note that subsection scores do not carry equal weight toward computation of the total score. Please also note that answering the questions are final and only one attempt is possible for certification. Be sure about your answers and spend time on the tool and exercises.

The course and examination is "open book": Students can (and are even encouraged to) use Conformiq Creator and other materials (such as the user manual) while taking this course, e.g., to perform the tutorials and simply play around a bit with the concepts before answering questions. Conformiq will provide a time limited evaluation license as part of course enrollment.

Course Prerequisites

Students need access to a Conformiq Creator 4.x.x or 3.1.X installation as well as a valid Conformiq Creator license key (which is provided as part of course enrollment). The software download procedure will be supplied with the license key. Note that Conformiq Creator 4.0 has limitations on support for modeling complex message/web service interfaces - therefore it is not recommended to use this version for message/web services modeling; there are no limitations for modeling with graphical user interfaces.

As this is an entry level course primarily targeted at manual testers but useful for test architects and test analysts, there are no specific prerequisites required to enroll in this course. However, we do recommend that students have some basic industrial experience in functional testing. Note that this course does not require any background or skills in scripting or programming.

There is no formal requirement to have any other testing certifications such as ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester or ISTQB Foundation Level Model-Based Tester - but having them certainly will help to pass this course and strengthen your understanding of Model-Based Testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What web browser should I use for taking this course?

Answer: The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above. See this list of supported browsers for the most up-to-date information.

Question: Some pictures look very blurry - can you improve resolution?

Answer: Please make sure your browser is set to zoom of 100% - otherwise pictures may look blurry.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Stephan Schulz

Stephan Schulz is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Conformiq, product owner of Conformiq’s Enterprise IT product line, former Chair of the ETSI Technical Committee for Methods and Specification, and leader of the review group in the ISTQB MBT working group. Prior to his work at Conformiq from 2010 onwards, he has been already a user and evaluator of MBT tools and worked for 8 years deploying the test automation language TTCN-3 in industry while working as a resident testing specialist at ETSI as well as the Nokia Research Center. Stephan received his Ph.D. from University of Arizona at Tucson, and has been an author and co-author of numerous publications and standards on modelling and testing.

Course Staff Image #2

Alexis Despeyroux

Alexis Despeyroux is - when not skydiving, blogging about testing, or training his bots - a “Chameleon” Sales Manager and Solution Architect at Conformiq. He is an Advanced Level ISTQB Certified Tester and has been working in testing for more than 10 years in various application domains such as telecom, automotive, enterprise IT applications, and now mobile applications. He loves testing :).

Course Staff Image #3

Narasimha Reddy Gujjula

Narasimha Reddy Gujjula is a Solution Architect and honorary Conformiq Creator Black Belt holder who has working with Conformiq tools since more than 6 years. In 2013, he became the first user ever to use Conformiq Creator and has worked with it ever since then! He loves working with puzzles and has a special knack for problem solving. He has strong expertise in planning and deployment of Model Based Testing (MBT) methodologies in various domains such as banking, insurance, telecom and enterprise IT applications.